Anthos L6 dentalna jedinica

Za narudžbu, provjeru cijena i raspoloživosti proizvoda molimo da nas kontaktirate.

Consolle: Fast and intuitive

LCD touch

The full colour icons on the new control panel with LCD touchscreen display are designed to be intuitive. Activation of the controls is immediate and the display shows clear information on the functions used. Each individual instrument and all integrated devices can be easily and quickly accessed.

Instruments: Advanced performance

Turbine, micromotor, scaler, curing light and intraoral camera settings can be adjusted for specific dentistry specialisations. An intraoral camera or curing light can be added as the sixth instrument.

Endodontics system: Integrated clinical performance

In this mode, the optional integrated endodontics system optimises the ergonomics of root canal treatment. Consists of micromotor, Autostop, Autoreverse and Autoforward functions and an electronic apex locator. During endodontic treatment, the colour LCD control panel displays key data to give the dentist full control of the operation. The software automatically sets torque and speed; alternatively, dentists can set values according to personal requirements.

Apex locator

The apex distance is displayed on the LCD during the root canal instrumentation phase. The nearing of the apex is verified by the ENDO software. Once the apex is reached the Apex-Stop function interrupts micromotor rotation.

Integrated implantology module

Infinitely adjustable light

Proper lighting of the treatment area is a must. Venus LED MCT is a cutting-edge operating light with multiple adjustments that ensure perfect lighting of the oral cavity in every circumstance. Equipped with a 3-axis joint, it provides outstanding depth of field and a broad spotlight. 

Venus LED MCT (Multi Colour Temperature)

Latest-generation operating light that can emit 3 different colour temperatures: for surgical treatment, for conservative dentistry and for realistic colour capture. 

Light colour
“No touch” sensor
Curing mode

Hygiene: Safety in the surgery

A broad selection of integrated hygiene systems ensures workplace safety. Safety for patients, personnel and the dentist. In addition to automatic devices that prevent contamination of internal ducting, the design features effectively minimise the risk of cross-contamination. The colour LCD control panel gives the user full control over sanitisation cycle progress.

Customization: Spaces and styles without limits

SideFlex technology

Equipped with SideFlex technology, standard on the Classe L9 and optional on the Classe L6, the instrument levers ergonomically follow the lateral movement of the tubing. The coupling reduces on-wrist traction and fatigue while optimising instrument recovery from every working position. The SideFlex instrument levers can also be removed for sanitation.

Tavoletta Continental

Streamlined shapes for a Continental module that features instrument tubing with increased elongation and instrument levers that ensure the least possible vertical bulk and minimize interference with the lamp.

Side Delivery

The Side Delivery module perfectly combines optimal control panel visibility, instrument accessibility and organization of the operating space. The instrument layout, the result of modern design and analysis of dentists’ needs, ensures the best ergonomic grip of the instrument from any working position. Mounted on the double articulated arm, the optional Professional tray holder ensures maximum efficiency, particularly in surgery and implantology. The integrated motorisation (optional on the L6) in the module support column allows a 15cm excursion for perfect adjustment to the working position of the individual dentist.

Effective communication

Effective communication

The integrated multimedia HD image acquisition and X-ray system helps shorten the time spent in the patient chair. Moreover, patients benefit from involvement in the process, ensuring they’re well informed about the proposed treatment.
Faster diagnosis and effective communication with the patient mean faster workflows and higher overall surgery profitability.