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RXDC – HyperSphere technology

X-ray imaging that is precise, practical and versatile
Intra-oral X-ray system integrated with the dental unit via a handheld wireless device. Outstanding images thanks to the parallelism that stems from 30 cm collimation and a focal spot of 0.4 mm. Rotating around the spherical coupling, the tube head can reach any position.

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Product description

RXDC efficiency stems from a combination of advanced technology and an outstanding capacity to produce high definition images.
The RXDC X-ray unit provides top-flight performance, practicality and technology.
The RXDC features a constant potential high frequency (DC) generator and a very small focal spot (0.4 mm) capable of providing sharp, detailed images while ensuring working comfort and low doses for the patient.
Higher performance with RXDC, the X-ray unit that combines high definition imaging, ergonomic design and low X-ray doses.


rxdc remote

User-friendly control.
A practical, user-friendly handheld unit, designed for immediate, precise X-ray image acquisition, allows easy selection of the most suitable programme. Moreover, it allows users to control the exact emitted dose and the tube temperature via the sequential exposure graph.


Maximum precision.
Focal spot 0.4 mm and power 70 kV / 8 mA, high-frequency constant potential generator.
Cutting-edge technology for extremely detailed images. The RXDC is extremely reliable: constant-potential design ensures image generation is unaffected by power fluctuations.

rxdc mobility

Infinite mobility.
We’ve designed the RXDC to maximise mobility; a practical trolley allows the X-ray unit to be moved anywhere in the surgery.

graf rxdc

Increased X-ray parallelism and an incorporated collimator allow the RXDC to achieve a source-to-skin gap of 30 cm. The RXDC provides pin-sharp, precise images with outstanding detail.


Higher performance and maximum ergonomics.
Thanks to the protractor with graduated scale, positioning of the arms and the head is stable, effective and fully adaptable to your work. Consists of extruded aluminium arms with an integrated self-balancing system that allows them to be pointed in 6 directions – available in the following lengths: 40, 60 and 90 cm to make installation as simple as possible.



The RXDC can also be set up with shutters and a rectangular collimator (optional) to define the body area that will be exposed and so reduce the received dose. Maximum attention to staff and patient health, while ensuring sharp, high definition image quality



rxdcExtremely practical and versatile, the RXDC can be used together with any type of sensor. Featuring 28 levels of sensitivity, it ensures sharp images in any situation.



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