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A concentrate of technology

The Surgical Cart is today’s most versatile solution for the immediate implementation of endodontic and implantology treatment; all that’s needed is a patient chair, without any requirement for a unit body or further stand- alone modules.
One Cart – which can be coupled to two connection boxes installed in different rooms in the surgery – can provide two specialist treatment workstations.
More potential, less investment.


Available in two versions – Clinic (as standard) and Multimedia (optional) – the control panel lets users personalise parameters on the integrated devices. On the Multimedia version it can also control the torque curves.


The Multimedia control panel lets users play clips and see images and X-rays contained on USB devices. Further graphics designed to provide support during treatment procedures can also be displayed.


A convenient USB port lets individual dentists save and download their personalised settings, a feature that’s extremely useful in surgeries with two dentists or more. Moreover, it lets users export torque curves (function available in surgical mode).

Implantology: Integration and freedom

In addition to providing a complete package of instruments and services for implantology, the Surgical Cart lets dentists perform treatment wherever the connection box is installed (optional rapid coupling required).

Featuring dedicated programmes accessible in IMPLANT mode via the control panel, the software lets users control the micromotor and peristaltic pump; it also lets them read torque curves and display implant procedure references.

i-MMs micromotor.

Easily autoclaved or heat-disinfected, the micromotor can reach a torque of up to 70 Ncm and, together with the EVO R20L contra angle, provides the perfect response to the implantologist’s every need. The software allows precise, safe control of speed and torque.

EVO R20L contra angle.

Designed for implant surgery. Can be removed, autoclaved and heat-disinfected. Features internal cooling and external spray. LED lighting is powered by an integrated generator.

Peristaltic pump

Controlled via the panel, the peristaltic pump ensures sterile irrigation of the surgical handpieces.

Torque curves

This function allows constant monitoring of the torque delivered by the micromotor and provides a complete report on each stage of treatment.
The clinical information highlighted by this function aids subsequent treatment on adjacent or contralateral teeth. Moreover, implant tightening torque is recorded as it may be included in the surgery documentation.

Endodontics: Advanced features

The Surgical Cart mounts a comprehensive system of endodontic treatment applications. In addition to the micromotor, an integrated database of suitable contra angles and endodontic files, Autostop- Autoreverse-Autoforward functions and an electronic apex locator are provided. All of these can be precision-controlled via the Full Touch panel.

Essential data is displayed during treatment, ensuring complete control. The software automatically sets torque and speed; alternatively, dentists can set values according to personal requirements.

i-MMs micromotor

Light, compact and fully autoclavable. Fine, precise torque adjustment.

Contra angle

With a 4:1 reduction ratio, the EVO E4 can be autoclaved and heat-disinfected. A miniaturised head aids access to difficult-to-reach treatment zones.

Apex locator

The apex distance is displayed on the Full Touch display during root canal instrumentation. The nearing of the apex is verified by the ENDO software. Once the apex is reached the Apex-Stop function interrupts micromotor rotation.

Reciprocating mode

A combination of reciprocating mode (i.e. alternating rotation movement) and the EVO E4 contra angle allows use of RECIPROC®, RECIPROC BLUE® and WAVEONE GOLD® endocanalar files. The endodontic file brand names are not owned by Cefla or any of its subsidiaries.

Evolved instruments

Advanced clinical performance, full integration with electronics, customised operating parameters. A latest-generation microprocessor ensures dentists can control a full range of instruments, simply and precisely.

The turbine, micromotor, scaler and curing light settings can all be adjusted for the specific needs of each type of dental treatment. A curing light can be added as the sixth instrument.

Operating and organisational freedom

The Surgical Cart is available in two versions, both configurable with the complete system for implantology and endodontics.

The as-standard version with connection box integrated on the Cart provides freedom of movement within the same room. The optional version with plug & play connection – with multiple boxes in more than one room – lets the dentist decide where to connect the Cart according to the planned treatment and move quickly from one room to another.

Hygiene systems

Materials suitable for frequent sanitization are employed to ensure a safe environment for medical team and patients alike.
Moreover, being able to operate the instruments and control the devices via the foot control minimises hand contact with the equipment.


Provides a fast rinse of the spray circuits, eliminating any stagnant liquid from the tubing; its use is recommended every morning when the surgery opens.


Independent spray feed. Works with distilled water to prevent limescale. Extremely useful where mains water is hard.


As-standard mechanism that automatically emits an air jet to clean any residual liquids or solids from the handpiece after use.



The Di.V.A.* lets dentists – via a simple, user-friendly panel – monitor usage of the available instruments and analyse surgery efficiency. All connected equipment items undergo constant real-time status monitoring: an excellent tool for managing workloads and planning maintenance in large facilities.

*Digital Virtual Assistant