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The answer to obtaining the best results with least effort is provided by the latest series of Tethys washer-disinfectors. These completely automatic devices guarantee perfect cleaning of instruments and the highest standard of disinfection, while ensuring at the same time complete protection for operators and the elimination of any possible procedural errors. Tethys washer-disinfectors represent a perfect synthesis of reliability, user-friendliness, leading-edge features and absolutely no loss of performance over time.

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Product description

The large capacity washing chamber, twin trolleys, eco-slim steam condenser, extensive range of washing programs, handy control panel display and visual and acoustic end-of-cycle warnings all help to ensure easy operation and top quality performance.

The washing chamber and door made from AISI 316L stainless steel, flow-meter control of detergent dosage, level sensors and timers, “soft start” function to avoid thermal shock in the chamber and a number of anti-impurity filters ensure that a Tethys device will give satisfaction.

The latest Tethys series has been designed and created in compliance with the EN 15883 standard. That means having machines available that meet the most recent requirements in terms of washing and disinfection, to ensure washing cycles that can be controlled, verified and repeated.

Automation of the washing and disinfection process, reduced risk of contamination, savings on time and resources and wide availability of accessories make Tethys a significant, worthwhile investment.

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