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ULTRAZVUČNI SPREMNIK Vasca Ultrasuoni Highea

ULTRAZVUČNI SPREMNIK Vasca Ultrasuoni Highea

Za narudžbu, provjeru cijena i raspoloživosti proizvoda molimo da nas kontaktirate.
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Product description

Designed to meet the operational needs of any dental practice, Highea ultrasound tanks offer excellent performance and outstanding reliability for daily in-depth instrument cleaning requirements. Ultrasound technology makes it possible to remove dirt from the surfaces of immersed objects, thoroughly cleaning even those parts that are most difficult to reach and hidden holes. The wash system is based on a system of high-performance transducers operating at a wash frequency of 37 kW, the frequency that optimises the cavitation effect. Available in three sizes, Highea ultrasound tanks are perfect whatever the surgery’s space or load requirements, and are supplied with standard equipment complete with two beakers and a beaker holder. These containers are a must for washing very small instruments or when different detergents or disinfectants must be used during the same wash.