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X-VS senzor

X-ray sensor incorporated in the dentist’s module, ready to use with USB cable. Able to capture HD images with low X-ray doses, the sensor comes in two different sizes. Able to be sanitised, the sensor is IP67 certified against water and dust infiltration.

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Product description

The X-VS intraoral sensor offers extraordinary performance, practical ergonomics and high technology, offering a perfect balance between comfort and cutting-edge technology. The X-VS is impact and dust-resistant, is certified IP67 (water-resistant) and can be used with all X-ray systems.


The X-VS means real-time diagnostics, direct USB plug-and-play connection, high definition and immediate results. The X-VS uses iRYS, the all-in-one software ideal for diagnostics, communication and management of intraoral imaging: perfect for storing, managing and printing images in perfect synchronism with any other devices already in the surgery.



Multi-Layer image with different personalised filters.
Latest generation X-VS image processing software helps you improve diagnostic
efficiency. Image reading is simple and convenient thanks to outstanding resolution
and a user-friendly software interface.



The Anthos Multi-Layer-Images function meets all your needs. Proprietary algorithms optimised for the X-VS sensor let users capture, display and simultaneously share sets of up to 5 images. Each image highlights various anatomical details with different degrees of sharpness. Contrast can be customised according to preference. Selected settings can then be applied as default settings. All this ensures ensures improved diagnostic capability.
Equipped with iRYS software, X-VS offers the most advanced, versatile image processing filter presetting available. The dentist selects which filters to use and defines any further personalisation, all via the iRYS image display window. This streamlines work considerably at all times.

Innovative ergonomics.
Ergonomic design, rounded corners and a flexible lead make the X-VS a practical, ergonomic and intelligent sensor. This speeds up the work and makes it more
practical, maximising patient comfort.

Made-to-measure diagnostics.

made to mesure

Available in two sizes for maximum adaptability to the dimensions of the patient’soral cavity. Excellent working comfort and positioning, ensured by ergonomic sensorswith rounded corners.

Total synergy


Designed to adapt perfectly to the anatomy of the oral cavity, the X-VS maximises both the
active area and positioning comfort. Ergonomic positioners ensure optimal sensor
placement. Made of extremely hard-wearing materials of the highest quality, it is compatible with available X-ray generators.


X-VS maintains a perfect combination of first-rate comfort and cutting-edge technology. Patient comfort is ensured by ergonomics and automatic acquisition, thanks to which there is immediate diagnosis: it also allows the dentist/assistant to remain alongside the patient, ensuring interruption-free work.

Real-time diagnostics

With X-VS there is immediate display of the acquired images plus fast, simple sharing,communication and storage; in short, the perfect work flow.Following acquisition, images are loaded directly onto the PC. From here they can be
consulted, printed and shared via the iPad app or a free image viewer.


Four-layer sensor

Caesium Iodide scintillator with column-like micro-structures that preserve image quality; intercepts the X-ray beam and converts it into visible light. The Fibre Optics Plate collimates the radiation onto the sensor and protects it against X-ray penetration.
The CMOS acquisition device and the electronics convert the light into a high definition digital image.

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