CephX uses artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to automate diagnostic and analytical dental imaging tasks, such as cephalometric analyses, teeth segmentation and airway volume.

CephX is designed for practitioners of all experience levels and skill sets — providing the tools you need to increase case acceptance, boost productivity and save time.

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Automated and Instant

Performed On Digital 2D Ceph And 3D CBCT Volumes

CephX provides an immediate cephalometric tracing and analysis service to help streamline the orthodontic pre-treatment process. Upload 3D volume, and our AI will automatically reconstruct a perfect ceph for us to trace

Automated and Instant

3D Diagnosis Validation And Treatment Planning Tool

CephX automatic segmentation technology enables you to validate patient anatomy in 3D, plan implant and crown treatment, and share cases with patients and labs

Automated and Instant

rom 3D Volume CBCT Data

CephX offers instant airway analysis services based on x-ray and CBCT imaging. DICOMs and 2D cephs uploaded for segmentation or cephalometric analysis are automatically analyzed for airway measurements and volume


Detailed, Automated and
Professional Interpretations

The highly sophisticated and superior capabilities of CephX means our reports, analyses and segmentations always come with full and accurate measurements, classification and insights for perfect examinations every time.

Simple Upload
of Dental Cases

All you have to do is to upload DICOM or X-ray files, and CephX software will immediately do the work for you. Then, you can view the findings online, or download them to your computer or share them with your colleagues.

Valuable Time

CephX software allows getting the dental information in just a few minutes, automatically.

Early, Automated

CephX helps to avoid unnecessary risks, by the early discovery of anatomical abnormalities. CephX algorithms autonomously detect hard-to-discover anatomical conditions such as airway obstruction, root absorption, nerve pathway location and root inclination.


Directly available from your browser. CephX is a web-based service with no need to install, upgrade or maintain complex software packages.

From Any Device

Mobile friendly, CephX is compatible and supported on any device and operating system for complete, all-around functionality.