High performance turbines

Za narudžbu, provjeru cijena i raspoloživosti proizvoda molimo da nas kontaktirate.

A powerful pneumatic power drive system, consisting of a premium-quality rotor, ensures high-level performance. Made with ceramic ball bearings, characterised by low-friction and low inertial effect, Anthos Silent Power Evo turbines have superior power, fewer vibrations and excellent durability. Precision mechanics, construction materials, geometry, structure and lubrication all contribute to sustaining power at high speeds, increased resistance to dynamic stress during use as well as thermal and chemical attacks of modern autoclaves.

Multiple coolant

Optimum cooling is made possible thanks to irrigation which differs from version to version.
Three or four spray tubes are present. Whatever the working conditions, multiple irrigation guarantees
maximum visibility of the operating field. Two separate nozzles, one for water and one for air at
each point of delivery, prevent fluids mixing inside the turbine and reciprocal air and water line
contamination. Furthermore, this ensures a constantly stable spray, irrespective of air and liquid
pressures, and a chip blower that delivers really dry air, something that does not occur when air and
fluid are mixed inside the head.

Technical information

Turbine Evo
Turbine Evo