Hyperion X5 3D/2D/3D2Dceph

Za narudžbu, provjeru cijena i raspoloživosti proizvoda molimo da nas kontaktirate.

A complete family of dental imaging solutions for all dental surgeries

Designed for surgeries that require three-dimensional diagnostic potential, the 3D/2D-configuration Hyperion X5 offers just the right solution and simultaneously provides excellent 2D performance. The optional integration of the teleradiographic arm further boosts the diagnostic capacity.

Hyperion X5 2D PAN

Focus-Free digital panoramic system suitable for all users, equipped with MultiPAN function and orthogonal projection. Designed to ensure accessible, accurate 2D study of the complete dentition, maxillary sinuses and temporo-mandibular joints.

Hyperion X5 2D PAN “Ceph Ready”

Focus-Free MultiPAN 2D imaging system designed for all users, with variable collimator to limit exposure to the region of interest only. Designed to be upgradeable at any time with a teleradiographic arm.

Hyperion X5 2D PAN CEPH

Full CEPH digital teleradiographic imaging system with Focus-Free orthogonal panoramic imaging suitable for all users. Designed to simplify dental diagnostics with real-time images, which can also be viewed on iPAD.

Hyperion X5 3D PAN “Ceph Ready”

3D Multi FOV imaging system with Focus-Free PAN designed for all users and factory-set for upgrading at any time with a teleradiographic application. Designed to simplify dental diagnostics with 3D and 2D images that can be viewed in real time.

Hyperion X5 3D PAN CEPH

3D Multi FOV imaging system with Focus-Free PAN and Full CEPH accessible for all users, suitable for wall mounting. Designed to make complete dental diagnostics accessible in real time.

Diagnostic flexibility

Focus-free 2D with MRT.

The PAN examination uses MRT (Morphology Recognition Technology) and an automatic best focusing selection system. A multi-layer panoramic scan is performed, with automatically optimised exposure and scan times for children and adults.

Cephalometric examination.

The renewed Hyperion X5 Ceph teleradiographic system provides programmes for every diagnostic need. Ultra-high quality images, extremely short scan times and low radiated doses: the very best cephalometric technology, all in the most compact unit the market has to offer.

High resolution CB3D.

HD 3D imaging with ultra-fast, low-dose scans and very high resolution: 80 μm over the complete dentition,together with dedicated FOVs developed to ensure the best imaging at all times. Complete dental diagnosis, including assessment of maxillary sinuses.

All the potential of 3D

Accessing the potential of 3D exams has never been easier or more effective. Thanks to dedicated mechanisms, patient positioning solutions and exclusive automatisms that help ensure a positive outcome with every examination, dentists can exploit the full potential of 3D.

  • Automatic sensor and collimator alignment
  • Ultra-high sensitivity 3D-PAN sensor
  • Adjustable and ergonomic head support
  • 3D MultiFOV, from 6×6 to 10×10 cm

The high-sensitivity 3D sensor is also versatile as it can perform 2D panoramic exams (managed by programmes in the software package and controlled via the user-friendly virtual control panel).


With cephalometric examinations the turret containing the 3D sensor automatically rotates and descends, aligning so its opening-equipped structure creates the collimation suitable for the examination. Moreover, the sensor is positioned so there is more space for the patient and the experience is a more comfortable one.


The dedicated head support for volumetric examinations has 5 contact points. Three of these – frontal, right and left – are adjustable. This improves patient positioning and, consequently, stability and clinical examination quality.

A wide range of FOVs

A wide range of FOVs available for your clinical needs: from implantology to the measurement of maxillary sinus volumes, from endodontics to oral surgery. Each FOV is available in three versions to adapt to all clinical needs. It takes just a few simple steps to identify the most suitable set-up based on the anatomical region of interest.

  • QuickScan Faster and ultra-low dose scans for post-surgery follow-up and macrostructure analysis.
  • Standard mode Primary diagnostics and treatment planning. The best balance between dosage and quality.
  • SuperHD Outstanding, uncompromising level of detail. Ideal for micro-structure analysis.

The best of both dimensions

Hyperion X5 offers a wide selection of 2D programs for panoramic and cephalometric quality images, full of details useful to deliver an effective and safe diagnosis while protecting the patient’s health.

  • Orthogonal projections
  • Quick scanning
  • Variable collimation
  • Software programs for adults and children
  • Servo-assisted positioning (laser guides)
  • Panoramic viewing and QuickPAN
  • Reduced panoramic imaging for children
  • Orthogonal panoramic views showing the entire dentition (reduces crown overlap)
  • Hemi-panoramic and sectional dentition, with dedicated optimised projections
  • 4-segments Bitewing exposures limited to crowns, to detect inter-proximal caries
  • Latero-lateral projection of both TMJs
  • Postero-anterior projection of both TMJs
  • Lateral and postero-anterior projections of both TMJs
  • Front or side view (left and right) of the maxillary sinuses

Simply CEPH

Designed to integrate the 2D sensor-equipped arm to perform cephalometric exams, Hyperion X5 is the most versatile system on the market, providing a broad range of examinations covering every possible clinical need.

  • Minimal bulk
  • Ultra-fast scan
  • TOP CEPH examinations
  • Optimised alignment
  • Operating comfort

A servo-controlled primary collimator lets users select the exact X-ray exposure area. The secondary teleradiographic image collimator is integrated in the rotary module, providing both outstanding compactness and easy access.  


Hyperion X5 adapts perfectly to the different examination requirements of adults and children. More specifically, FULL CEPH positioning for children reduces thyroid exposure and prevents sensor-shoulder contact, allowing inclusion, when possible, of the skullcap. 


When the workflow is optimised for every circumstance, effectiveness is a natural consequence. Hyperion X5 adapts to your needs and lets you focus on what’s really important: the diagnosis.


Hyperion X5 has a user-friendly graphical interface, also available in the iPad application. It promotes intuitive control: in a few simple steps you can choose and set up the most appropriate examination based on clinical and anatomical interest.


The multi-platform console allows simple and immediate access to all the device’s features. The interface guides you step by step through every stage, from examination selection to set-up, with guided positioning of the FOV: for easier, faster and more effective scanning


Hyperion X5 simplifies your work and promotes the well-being of your patients. Quick scans, ultra-low dose irradiation, procedures that contribute to creating a peaceful and collaborative environment. Easy for you, comfortable for your patient.


Positioning is fast and accurate thanks to an alignment system that projects 3 laser beams directly on to the patient’s face, and the ergonomic head support unit equipped with 4/5 contact points ensuring the highest stability during scanning. The large mirror helps positioning while allowing maximum freedom of movement. The patient will always feel at ease.


The Scout View system allows the volume to be centred on the area of interest, keeping the patient in the same comfortable position. From the PC, the operator can see two (sagittal and frontal) views at ultra-low dose irradiation and fine-tune the scanning area, allowing the equipment to reposition itself correctly with very precise servo-assisted movements. This procedure avoids having to repeat the examination.


The advanced QuickScan protocols, available for both 2D and 3D examinations, allow accurate images to be obtained at lower doses compared to standard image acquisition. They are the ideal tool for post-operative monitoring and the identification of any macro-structures (such as impacted teeth and agenesis).

iRYS, simple and versatile diagnoses.

The all-in-one software designed for simple and effective management of 2D and 3D images, with advanced tools and filters for diagnostics and planning.

Equipped with a whole ecosystem of features to view and process data captured during examinations, iRYS makes the diagnostic process easier and helps share images directly from a dedicated workstation to the dental surgery computers and the iRYS Viewer application available for iPAD. With just one click you can send 2D images and 3D volumes to dental practice management software or to advanced design systems (guided implantology, cephalometric tracking, etc.).

  • Multi-desktop 2D/3D
  • Simplified implant libraries
  • Bone quality assessment
  • Airway volume analysis
  • IRYS Viewer dynamic reporting (APP for iPAD)