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Technical Specifications

X-VS Sensor Size 1 – RegularSize 2 – Large
External dimensions (mm)38.9 x 24.941.9 x 30.4
Thickness (mm) 5.35.7
Pixel matrix 1500 x 10001700 x 1300
Pixel size (µm) 2020
Maximum resolution (lp/mm) 2525
Grey levels depth 14-bit acquisition – 16384 maximum grey levels
Scintillator technologyCsI (Cesium Iodide) with micro-columnar structure
Direct exposure protectionFOP (Fibre Optics Plate)
Protection rating IP 67 (Guaranteed against liquid or dust infiltration)
Compatibility with X-ray generators Any AC or DC technology X-ray generator with kV values in the 60 – 70 kV range and precision control of exposure times
Connectivity Direct USB to PC
Acquisition software (for PC)iCapture with dedicated filters for third party software
Image management software (for PC) iRYS (complies with ISDP©10003:2018 as per EN ISO/IEC17065:2012
certificate number 2019003109-1) and iPad iRYS viewer app (free)
Supported protocols DICOM 3.0, TWAIN, VDDS
DICOM nodes IHE compliant (Print; Storage Commitment; SR document; WorkList MPPS; Query/Retrieve)

Minimum system requisites

Supported operating systemsMicrosoft® Windows® 10 Professional 64 bit
Display settings1280 x 1024; 1344 x 768 or greater, 16 million colours
PortUSB 2.0 or subsequent
Power supply5 V DC, 500 mA (via USB)