HD direct USB X-ray Sensor

Always ready, fast, portable.

  • Easy, fast, portable, real-time
  • Maximum active area with optimal ergonomics
  • Resistant to impact, dust and liquids
  • Plug-and-play with iCapture software
  • All-in-one iRYS software – Free Viewer and iPAD app

Za narudžbu, provjeru cijena i raspoloživosti proizvoda molimo da nas kontaktirate.

High definition, prompt response, reliability and ergonomics.

Zen-X offers all the benefits of real-time digital technology to obtain and share superior quality images in a user-friendly way.
  • Real-time HD diagnostics
    Direct USB plug-and-play connection to display real-time images.
  • Easy, fast, portable, real-time
    Always ready, fast, portable. Zen-X is the ideal HD digital sensor to capture the best, high-definition intraoral images and make your workflow more streamlined and efficient.
  • Reliable, sturdy and adaptable
    Slim profile, rounded corners and flexible cable. Maximised active area. Zen-X is dust- and liquid-proof and IP 67-certified.

Direct USB plug-and-play connection to display real-time images.

Capture and immediately view the best, high-definition intraoral images.

With Zen-X you can save time and make communication with the patient more effective thanks to automatic image capturing and direct USB plug-and-play connection.

Latest generator multi-layer HD sensor

The Caesium Iodide Scintillator (Csl) intercepts the X-ray beam converting it into visible light while preserving image quality.

The layer of optical fibres (Fibre Optics Plate) collimates radiation on the sensor and protects it from direct penetration of X rays.

The high definition image capturing device with 20 µm, 14 bit cells  (HD CMOS) converts light into a digital image, which is processed by the on-board electronics, ready to be transmitted to a USB port.

(1) Reinforced case – IP67
(2) Precision scintillator CsI
(3) Optic Fibre Protection Layer FOP
(4) High de nition sensor HD CMOS
(5) Electronics

Always ready, fast, portable

Zen-X is the ideal HD digital sensor to capture the best, high-definition intraoral images and make your workflow more streamlined and efficient.

The sensor integrates seamlessly with the all-in-one iRYS (DICOM) software installed on your PC, the iCapture (TWAIN) software, a free image viewer and an APP for iPAD.


iCapture is a simple and intuitive capture software with which you can quickly transfer images pre-captured with Zen-X. The capture settings can be easily customised. At the end of a quick transfer procedure, you will be able to view your X-ray images with the processing software or any other image viewer.


X-ray images acquired with Zen-X can be quickly displayed with the special, free iPAD app. Communication can be made more effective by being able to immediately show the obtained X-ray images to the patient – who can be promptly informed about diagnostic and therapeutic options.


The sensor integrates seamlessly with the iRYS software installed on the PC: the all-in-one solution for 2D and 3D diagnostics, communication and intraoral imaging management. It provides the most straightforward and comprehensive processing tools: quick browsing through captured images, pre-settable filters and calibration, association to dentition charts and automatic arrangement in pre-definable layouts with which to store and quickly access the patients’ X-ray images relating to different treatment sessions.

Multiple Images for every level of detail.

Equipped with iRYS software, Zen-X now offers the most advanced, versatile image processing filter pre-setting on the market. Users can select which filters to use from among the pre-set families and define any further customisations.


By using proprietary PiE (Powerful image Enhancer) algorithms optimised for the Zen-X sensor, this function lets dentists simultaneously capture, display and share a set of up to 5 images. Each image is the result of a different type of improvement designed to highlight various anatomical details with different levels of sharpness and contrast, ensuring dentists can diagnose better.

Optimal workflow

The ergonomic positioners allow for the most effective positioning of the sensor – always ready for exposure.

After capturing, the images are uploaded directly to the PC, stored, accessed and shared with the iCapture (TWAIN) software, the all-in-one iRYS (DICOM) software, a free image viewer and an iPAD app, and then printed and sent via e-mail.

  • Position: Position the sensor by using the specially provided ergonomic positioners.
  • Capture : Capture images by exposing the sensor to X-rays (iCapture).
  • View: View Images can be displayed instantly on your PC or iPAD.
  • Share : Export, print, send and store your captured images (iRYS).

Ergonomic design

Whatever your medical expertise, Zen-X is a precious partner suitable for all types of examination.

Available in two sizes, it has an ergonomic design with smooth edges, rounded corners and a flexible cord for maximised active area and positioning comfort. It is made of top quality, durable materials and is compatible with all intraoral X-ray generators.

  • Maximised active area with minimised footprint
    Thanks to its ergonomic design with smooth edges and availability in two sizes, Zen-X offers maximum comfort and positioning accuracy. The sensor adapts perfectly to the anatomical dimensions of the patient’s oral cavity and features a maximised active area for the most effective centring and image acquisition.
  • Slim profile
    The rounded edges and slim profile ensure a compact footprint that allows for effective sensor positioning and centring. With Zen-X, the best, high definition intraoral images can be captured in any diagnostic scenario.
  • Flexible cable
    The cable connecting the sensor to the USB connector is designed and manufactured with top quality, flexible and sturdy materials. Zen-X can therefore offer the best positioning comfort and extremely high wear resistance.
  • Reliable and sturdy
    Zen-X is dust- and liquid-proof and IP 67-certified. The sensor is protected by a layer of solid aluminium and the interior is designed to withstand impacts and accidental dropping.